Principles of Cookies Use

Particular pages of website use cookies that help ensure better services. Using the pages operated by company OFTUM BOHEMIA, s.r.o., you express consent with the use of cookies in compliance with the browser setup. If you visit our websites and the browser enables acceptation of cookie files, we consider it acceptation of our terms of cookie files use. Instructions on the cookie files change can be found in every browser´s help window.

What are cookies?

The cookie files are small text files that can be sent to the browser when visiting websites, and stored in your device (PC or other device with Internet access, e.g. smartphone or tablet). The cookie files are stored in your browser file compartment. Cookies usually contain the name of website that they come from, validity and value. Upon the next visit of the website, the browser again uploads the cookie files and sends them to website that originally created them. The files „cookies“, that we use don´t damage your computer.

Why do we use cookies?

We use cookies in order to optimally create and continuously increase the quality of our services, adapt them to your interests and needs, and improve their structure and contents. Permanent and temporary cookies can be used on the website Temporary cookies are stored in your device until you close the website. Permanent cookies remain in your device until expired or manually deleted. Period of information retaining by us depends on the cookie file type.

A few cookie file types are used on our websites:  

  • Basic cookie files These cookie files represent the basis of our websites operation, allowing for the use of fundamental functions, for example secured areas or online payments. Saved login, enabled access to secured pages without the need for repeated login, pre-filled in forms, etc. represent an examples of basic cookies. We cannot provide services that represent the basis of our websites without such cookies. If you restrict the cookies, we will not be able to ensure flawless operation of our websites.  
  • Operating files of cookies With the operating cookies, we collect statistical data about the way you use our websites. Such technical information indicates which sections of website you clicked on, which website you visited last time, etc. The cookies help us analyze and improve our websites in the terms of their contents, performance and design. If you restrict the cookies, we will not be able to ensure flawless operation of our websites. 
  • Functional files of cookies Functional files of cookies are not essentially required but they help improve our websites functionality. For example, they allow for remembering setups chosen during previous website opening – e.g. contents layout, selection of location, etc. so as you don´t have to do it always upon particular website opening. With these cookies, we can identify if particular services have been already offered to you or we provide information to you from currently searched areas, provided that you agree with such information share.  While the use of such cookies depends exclusively on such setup, eventual inactivation of the cookies could cause that you lose some services that could be otherwise provided.
  • Third parties´ cookie files Contents of other websites have been integrated in website Thus, when using our website,  cookie files can be created that are out of our control; for example if currently opened website uses a tool for analysis or marketing automation by a third party (e.g. tools of companies included in the group Google), or displays a third party website contents, e.g. YouTube or Facebook. This results in acceptation of cookie files from third parties´ services. Company OFTUM BOHEMIA, s.r.o. cannot control access to or saving of such cookie files. If you want to know how the third parties use the cookie files, please read the principles of privacy protection and use of these cookie files of the third parties.  

How can you adjust the cookies setup?

Cookies used on our websites can be adjusted in your Internet browser. Majority of Internet browsers has been originally designed to automatic acceptation of the cookies. Such setup can be changed by blocking the cookies, or warning that cookies are about to be sent to your device.

Instructions for cookie files setup change can be found in every browser help section. If you use various devices for access to websites (e.g. computer, smartphone, or tablet), we recommend adapting each browser on each device to your particular cookie preferences.

We shall respect your change of preset cookie files. However, disablement of some cookies can affect functionality of our websites.