Surgery with Oftum

At Oftum we offer all three generations of laser eye surgery. Each has its advantages and our focus is to always employ the most suitable procedure for every patient. This process starts when you fill out our initial consultation form.

Once you’re with us, you’ll undergo a comprehensive eye examination. During this exam, we will double check if you’re suitable for surgery and also capture the data needed to calculate how the laser will modify the curvature of your cornea. Each “ablation profile” is unique and tailored not only to your prescription but also to your highly detailed corneal scan. This level of correction is simply not possible with previous generations of laser surgery, nor is it possible with glasses or contact lenses!


Your Procedure:

Since 2009, we’ve been conducting exclusively ALL LASER procedures. This bladeless approach hugely reduces the risk of complications, and speeds up the healing of your cornea. We also use Wavefront technology on ALL our procedures to optimise the treatment plan for your particular cornea and refractive error.


There are 3 generations of refractive laser surgery:

Surface ablations PRK, LASEK, Epi-LASIK

To correct your vision tissue is removed by the excimer laser  from the surface of your cornea. The epithelium – the superficial sensitive layer of cornea - has to be removed and this causes some discomfort after surgery. The healing process is longer - complete visual recovery is within a few weeks and full healing of the cornea takes up to six months. Please note we at OFTUM conduct our PRK with the highly advanced all laser no-touch 6D method.

PRK is suitable for correction of myopia (short sightedness) and myopic astigmatism.


LASIK Surgeries with Flap  - FemtoLASIK, iLASIK, Z-LASIK, “whatever” LASIK

The Femtosecond Laser creates an 8-10mm wide flap in the top 0.1mm of your cornea and the Excimer Laser then operates beneath this to correct your vision. The flap is then replaced. This procedure preserves the sensitive surface layer of your cornea, and there is no pain after surgery. Visual recovery is extremely fast, and complete healing only takes a couple of weeks. Evidence of the flap will remain on the cornea forever, but this has no impact on your vision and is common to all LASIK procedures. Please note that many clinics still use the microkeratome knife to create the flap, whereas here at OFTUM we have been ALL-LASER and bladeless since 2009.

LASIK is suitable for the correction of myopia (short sightedness), astigmatism, and hyperopia  (long sightedness).



The latest and most advanced 3rd generation of laser eye surgery is minimally invasive, flapless and painless. This technology from the German high tech company Carl Zeiss combines all the positives of the previous generations and eliminates all of the negatives. The entire procedure is carried out with no disturbance to the sensitive surface layers of your eye by creating a tiny corrective lens within your cornea. Our surgeon then removes this tiny lens - the lenticule - through a small laser-made 2mm incision. It truly is a minimally invasive keyhole surgery for the eye and it is our flagship procedure. It aligns exactly with our philosophy of maximum patient safety and comfort whilst achieving perfect outcomes.

Copyright: Dr. Tomáš Juhás, PhD.