Travel FAQ


How long will I be away for?

Generally, our travelling patients are away from home for two nights.


How much help can I rely on you for in arranging my trip?

At this time we’re not able to book your trip for you as a package, but we can certainly help you every step of the way. Our optometrist, Kristýna, can help you in choosing the best flights for you, and can assist in getting all of your other key arrangements made, including airport transfers and hotel bookings. You’ll receive a full itinerary from us once all the arrangements have been made so that you’ve got a single sheet with all your trip details on, from flight times to hotel details and appointment times at the clinic. And once you’re on your way, Kristýna or our English speaking team in Prague is only a phone call away if you need any further help.


What airports can I fly to Prague from?

All major UK airports fly direct to Prague.

Belfast; Bristol; East Midlands Airport; Edinburgh; Glasgow; Leeds; Liverpool; London City Airport; London Heathrow; London Gatwick; London Stansted; Luton; Manchester; Newcastle.


Can you recommend places to stay in Prague?

Absolutely. We highly recommend the Panorama and the Corinthia . The Panorama is within 2 minutes walk of our clinic and the Corinthia is just two stops away on the Metro. Both offer excellent accommodation and dining at a reasonable price although for obvious reasons the Panorama is more convenient. If you would like to stay in Prague for longer and sight-see in our beautiful city, there are many other hotels directly in the centre which we can also recommend.


Can you recommend things to do in Prague after my surgery?

Most certainly - Prague is a fantastic city with a huge array of experiences and sights to enjoy. A great starting point to understand how much Prague has to offer is although of course we will be happy to tell you about the things that we like most and how you can experience them too.


How much will my flights cost?

Flights to Prague can be found as inexpensively as £35 each way but to find those one has to book quite some time in advance. A sensible budget would be around £65 each way with a budget airline, although bear in mind that this can vary.


How much will my hotel cost?

We have negotiated rates with the Panorama for our clients at €93 for a double or twin room including breakfast per night.


How do I get from the airport to my hotel?

We will arrange a taxi transfer for you - when you enter the arrivals area, just look out for your executive driver holding an OFTUM board. The cost to the hotel is just €30. It is most advantageous to use the UBER or BOLT applications.


Will I manage in the Czech Republic as an English speaker?

Yes, absolutely. Although English is not universally spoken in the Czech Republic, it is widely spoken in Prague. We will help you to prepare by ensuring that your trip is well organised and you have all the necessary “tips” from us to make your stay here relaxing. If you have any confusing moments, then just give us a call and we will be able to help!


Can I travel alone or do I need a companion to help me after surgery?

You can definitely travel alone. It is very straightforward particularly if you choose to stay at the Panorama Hotel during the surgery phase of your trip as it is just 2 minutes walk from our clinic. There’s no need to rush back after surgery - we have a comfortable lounge where you are able to rest a little until you feel happy to walk back to your hotel. Having said that, of course we all know that it’s nice to have the company!


What currency does the Czech Republic use?

Although part of the EU, the Czech Republic retains its own currency - the Koruna. The Koruna is usually around K32.50 to the pound.


Do the staff in Oftum Prague speak English?

Yes. Our receptionists, opthalmologists, assistants and surgeons all speak excellent English.


Will my surgeon speak English?

Yes, our surgeons speak excellent English.


What is a likely schedule for my trip?

Generally, to allow flexibility with flight times and so on, a three day trip with two nights away is comfortable. It’s possible to do it in two days, but most people find that three is a better compromise. Please read Trip Description for more detail on how you will spend your time with us.


What are my total costs likely to be for the trip?

In addition to the cost of your surgery, for a three day trip we recommend that you allow around £300. This should comfortably cover your flights, hotel, airport transfers and your evening meals. Don’t forget to allow a little extra spending money though :-)