Your Journey with us

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Fill out our online Consultation Form

This provides us with information about your prescription, your ocular health and your lifestyle.

Receive our surgeon’s recommendations

Using your Consultation Form, our surgeons make a preliminary assessment of your suitability for laser eye surgery and the best procedure for you.

Discuss with our staff

Kristýna, our optometrist, will discuss the surgeon’s feedback with you and help you come to an informed decision about your procedure.

Arrange your trip

We will help you choose the best flights, arrange your transfers and ensure that you’re in great accommodation. We can also talk to you about the many beautiful sights in Prague that you’ll be able to enjoy after your procedure!



Day 1

Make your trip

Our UK representative, is a regular traveller to Prague. Throughout your trip, if you have any concerns or problems, just give him a call.

Arrive at the clinic

Your optometrist will conduct a full eye examination with you to check your general eye health, natural vision and verify your prescription. We will also discuss your reasons for choosing to undergo surgery and discuss your expectations. Understanding your needs in combination with the data gathered at this stage ensures that we recommend the right procedure for you.


We check the following during this exam:

  • your eyelids, cornea and pupil
  • your natural lens to check for cataracts
  • your retina and macula to rule out common eye conditions such as glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration and blood vessel anomalies


It is sometimes necessary for your optometrist to place some drops in your eyes to dilate your pupils. This allows them to look at your eyes in greater detail. This may cause your vision to become slightly blurry and your eyes sensitive to light. It’s nothing to worry about and your eyes will return to normal in a few hours.

We then carry out some non-invasive but highly sophisticated diagnostic tests which allow us to check your ocular health in great detail. At this stage we also carry out the highly detailed corneal scan which creates the data necessary for your procedure.

Receive our final recommendation

Once all of the above data has been gathered, we will discuss with you our final, detailed recommendation. You will have the opportunity to raise any outstanding questions you may have.

Day 2

Meet your ophthalmic surgeon

Your surgeon will already be familiar with your diagnostic results and records. They will conduct a further eye exam and make a final decision as to your suitability. In a very small number of cases, your surgeon may recommend a different procedure better suited to you. You will have plenty of opportunity to ask any questions you may have and your surgeon will ensure that you completely understand the benefits, risks and possible ranges of outcomes. At this stage, you’ll complete your consent documents.

Have your surgery

A few nerves are normal at this stage! Our team is very experienced at dealing with your concerns and ensuring that you’re guided through each step at your own pace. Typically we treat both eyes on the same day.

After your surgery

Your surgeon will discuss your procedure with you and assess the immediate results. You’ll relax in our lounge and we’ll discuss your aftercare instructions with you. You can leave when you feel comfortable to do so and then rest as much as possible for the remainder of the day.


Day 3

Attend your aftercare appointment

We’ll remove your therapeutic contact lens, and conduct a full eye assessment to make sure that your eyes are healing as expected. We will reiterate your aftercare instructions and ensure that you’re completely prepared to continue your aftercare from home. You’ll choose your complimentary branded sunglasses too :-)

When your aftercare appointment is complete, you’re free to travel home. However, most patients choose to stay for an extra couple of days to enjoy Prague :-)

Manage your aftercare

You’ll be provided with a direct-to-surgeon aftercare email to address any questions you may have once home. Our UK representative will always be available should you need any further advice from him as will our English speaking team in Prague. If you’d like a full eye exam from us at any time after surgery, it’s completely free - just get in touch and arrange a time when you will next be visiting Prague. We always enjoy seeing our patients again!