The most important thing to do right after your procedure? Relax! Ideally just rest, sleep, and maintain the schedule of eye drops we have provided you with. If you’re going out, use the high quality branded sunglasses we’ve given you. We will see you on the following day for the removal of your therapeutic contact lens and to check on the results of your surgery. After that, maintain your schedule of eye drops for the following month, and enjoy your new view of the world!

After your operation you will be given a direct-to-surgeon aftercare email - this will keep you in touch directly with your surgeon if you need any further advice after your procedure. Of course, Kristýna, our optometrist, will be available to help you with any follow-up advice that you might need, as will our friendly English-speaking team in Prague. We always enjoy hearing from our patients, and so once you’ve had a procedure with us, you’re welcome to drop into our Prague clinic for a full FREE check-up anytime you’re back in our beautiful city.