Alexandrer M.

Ladies and gentlemen, the dream is true! After a colleague and I had not waited 4 weeks for an operation visit together after an initial telephone contact, the time had finally come. Last week I was able to enjoy my stay in the Oftum Clinic in Prague to the fullest and can now walk through the world with a significantly sharper view, which would have been inaccessible to me with glasses nor with contact lenses. After the first check-up at 12 and 13 o'clock on the day of treatment, it was determined that both of us were ideally suited for the ReLex-Smile 3D method. The appointment for the operation itself took place 3 hours later and already 10 minutes after the operation my vision was impressively restored and significantly improved! The practice team and the attending physician convinced me completely. I was protected from beginning to end in a very qualified German language and was even able to have an exciting conversation with the treating doctor during my operation. In addition, we were given the option to come for a follow-up examination for the rest of our lives when we spontaneously visited Prague. Just wow! Since the day after the operation, however, I can't get out of my amazement any more. It feels less like a "correction of mistakes", but more like a complete change of my feeling of life. With the opening of my eyes the next day I was able to experience for the first time what maximum resolution means. Special thanks go to Mrs. Stöcker, who was able to welcome us safely and discharge us from the clinic. You can be sure that we will visit the clinic every holiday in Prague to express our thanks! Alexander M.