Allison Macadam

I have just had z-LASIK 6D laser eye surgery at the clinic in Prague on the 05/02/2016.I would like to share what i can only describe as one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Before making the decision to have this surgery i visited a well known eye clinic in the uk where I was quoted £4500.00 pounds followed by a hard sales pitch. After discussing this with my husband i quickly decided that i would have the surgery but would look to go abroad after some searching on the internet i came across this clinic and knowing Prague I decided to fill out the online form within 1 hour I had an email from the surgeon who copied in his uk representative Warrick, he immediately called me the next day. We spoke on the phone for a time he described what was currently happening with my eyes and based on my prescription he explained what would be the best surgery for me. I would like to add this was on Monday the 01/02/2015 I made the decision there and then to fly to Prague that week on the Thursday had my surgery on the Friday and back home on the Saturday night. The service I received from the reception staff ,nurses, and the eye doctor and of course my surgeon were just to the highest standard. 

Now on to the actual surgery it was painless and took around 18 seconds for each eye, 
I can’t honestly put into words how this has changed my life in one week being able to read a menu or just see in the distance everything clear bright and full of colour and it will only get better in the weeks to come, I want to thank Dr Juhas for giving me such a wonderful gift your passion for what you do and your belief filled me with such confidence to all the wonderful staff that you are surrounded with thank you for taking care of me and last but not least to Warrick who has talked me through this journey guided me and reassured and helped me arrange everything although I have never met you you have forever enriched my life.

Hope to see you all the next time I visit your wonderful city