Donald Stark

Hi, I'd just like to add my own testimonial onto this page. I first contacted Oftum in December, because I felt that I was brave enough both to do laser surgery but also to travel overseas for it. I researched at least a dozen different clinics in Prague, Bratislava and Budapest, but Oftum was far and away the most impressive. I asked a series of technical questions, but within what seemed to be an hour or so I had a really knowledgeable, really detailed and really personalised set of replies from Oftum, which answered all of my questions - and so the relationship began.

I was quickly convinced, and set my appointment for 11 February. Warrick, in the UK office, was really helpful in setting up my itinerary, and really went the extra mile in making sure everything went smoothly. I had a bit of a terrible trip getting to Prague, thanks to Ryanair and Stansted airport - but one phone call to Warrick even at an unsociable hour in the morning, and he managed to rearrange my pre-surgery examination despite the fact it was only a few hours away. All the arrangements once I got to Prague were seamless.
My appointment with Dr Juhas was really impressive too. He’s an excellent surgeon, with a very good “bedside manner”, clear, professional and reassuring. The LASIK surgery he offers seems to be very technically advanced compared to the rather basic and tired procedures that are offered in the UK. As far as I can tell from my research, Oftum has the best laser equipment of any clinic in Prague, and certainly better than most of the UK clinics who charge multiples of what Oftum are asking for. 

Literally everything I could possibly have asked for, Oftum provided. Outstanding customer service, outstanding professionalism, outstanding knowledge. And it’s not just the surgeon, Dr Juhas – Warrick in the UK office is clearly very, very knowledgeable about all aspects of eye surgery, and can calmly and sensitively walk you through everything that you might be worried about.

As for the surgery itself, it was easy and it was well done. I’m not going to pretend that a procedure which involves cutting of flaps in your cornea while you are still awake is a barrel of fun. It wasn’t, but at the same time, it wasn’t traumatic. Every step of the way, Dr Juhas was explaining what was happening, why, and what I’d feel. I felt reassured throughout. And it wasn’t drawn-out and extended: probably I spent an hour in the clinic, of which only 15 minutes in the operating theatre. Afterwards, yes, it did feel odd. I was awake throughout, but for the first few hours afterwards I felt like I was walking through a misty cloud. Since I have never worn contact lenses, I found that having protective contact lenses in for the first night was pretty uncomfortable. But as soon as they were taken out the next morning at the post-operative exam, I felt a lot better.

My surgery was on 11 February, so less than two weeks ago. I flew back home the next day with no problems, and a full set of aftercare instructions and medicines to take, which I am using well. Within 12-24 hours I was seeing really well, certainly 20/15 or maybe better, and with not much discomfort. I would recommend it.
And in particular, if you are considering surgery, I recommend Oftum. Really, quite simply, they were excellent. There is no way I could have got a better treatment back in the UK, even if I had paid an absolute fortune. I have only good feelings towards this clinic.